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Stud Poker Rules Heading

Quick to play with only one easy decision dependent on the luck of your cards. If you believe they better ranked than the dealers then risk more and increase your bet or fold and lose your ante bet?

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Stud Poker Equipment
Stud Poker Rules
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Stud Poker Hire and Sales
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Stud Poker Rules

Card Values

Aces are high but can also be low for a straight. See table for hand ranks.

First Bet/Ante

Bets are placed by players in the ante box usually in front of the players seating position.


The dealer shuffles one pack of 52 cards and issues each player 5 cards face down. The dealer also gets 5 cards but the last one is dealt face up.

Fold or Raise

Players look at their cards and must decide whether they should continue:-

Show down

Once all players bets have made their decision the dealer turns over his other four cards and will arrange them to indicate the best dealer hand.


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