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Roulette Croupier Heading

If you have been trained as a croupier and interested in some casual part time work at our corporate entertainment events then get in touch with us since we often require locally based croupiers for our events all around the UK.

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Call us NOW on 07790 280861 to personally discuss your requirements further.

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How to croupier a Roulette Table

  1. The Croupier announces "Ladies and Gentleman, place your bets"
  2. Players exchange fun money for wheel check chips (blank). Each player gets a unique colour. If there are no more colours available they will have to wait until one becomes free to use unless you have and they want to use cash chips.
  3. Players then decide and place their wheel check chips on the betting areas. They can also place cash chips too (chips with numbers on).
  4. The croupier should ensure that any unclear placements are properly verified and adjusted to avoid later arguments. See the appropriate rule card for such specifications.
  5. The croupier should also be aware that some players may not be able to reach and place their desired bet. So they may ask the croupier to place the bet on their behalf. Assuming the croupier has enough room to access the complete table it should be easy for them to do this.
  6. After most of the betting is complete or it's filling up the croupier should pick up the ball and spin the wheel.
  7. Players can continue to add more bets and the croupier will using their best judgment of players betting and table capacity introduce the ball. This should be done at the outside rim and with some practice should go around the bowl a few times.
  8. When the ball starts to fall from the rim of the bowl the croupier should announce "no more bets" and the players must stop placing bets and from that point forward can not adjust or change any bets.
  9. When the ball and wheel stop the winning number is announced with it's colour.
  10. The croupier marks the winning number and collects all losing bets starting with those places furthest away from them.
  11. The croupier then pays at appropriate odds the winning bets again starting from the furthest working towards themselves. The odds to pay are described in the rules. To cope with the higher winning amounts when there is a lack of the appropriate coloured wheel check chips then fun money or cash chips could be given as part of the winnings.
  12. Once the winnings have been cleared the winning marker is taken off and the whole process is repeated.

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