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Blackjack Croupier Heading

If you have been trained as a croupier and interested in some casual part time work at our corporate entertainment events then get in touch with us since we often require locally based croupiers for our events all around the country.

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Blackjack Croupier
Call us NOW on 07790 280861 to personally discuss your requirements further.

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How to croupier a Blackjack Table

  1. Shuffle the cards. With 6 decks this is best done by gradually stacking and shuffling small manageable piles.
  2. Ask a player to make a cut by offering a player the plastic cut card to place anywhere in the deck. Take the bottom half of the cut cards and place on top.
  3. Insert cards in the Card Shoe provided
  4. Take the cut card at the back of deck and position it between 1/2 and 1 deck of cards from the end to mark to avoid running out of cards while playing a hand.
  5. Players place their bets in the box usually corresponding to their table position to indicate they want to play this round.
  6. You then deal each player and yourself one card face up in turn clockwise.
  7. You then deal each player a second card face up.
  8. Your second card is dealt face down. This is called the 'hole card'.
  9. Each player, in turn, is now offered the option to draw additional cards (like twist in pontoon) and stand (like stick in pontoon). If you are familiar with the special rules and they are applicable to the players hand you should offer those options to the player and if necessary explain them in more detail.
  10. If a player draws cards that total more than 21 points their bet automatically loses and you immediately take their lost bet and stack their losing cards in the discard shoe.
  11. When all players hands have been decided you can turn over the 'hole card' and stand or draw according to the rules pertaining to the dealers hand and shown on the table layout. This is if the dealer's cards total 16 or less you must continue to take cards until the total is 17 or more and as soon as you have a score of 17 or more you must stop taking cards.
  12. If the total of the your cards exceeds 21 then all bets remaining on the table will win. In all other cases the dealer will pay the bets on hands which exceed his total, take all bets on hands with lower totals and leave all bets on hands with an equal total.
  13. Winning hands are paid an equal amount to what they bet unless the player has 'Blackjack' that gets paid one and a half times what was bet.
  14. Take the dealers cards and use them to scoop up remaining table cards and set them all square and place in the discard holder and once players have placed their next bets start dealing cards to players again.
  15. Continue until the cut card is dealt to a player. At the end of that hand reshuffle all the cards and get that player to cut the deck for you.

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