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You will be provided with the best possible tables to suit your venues style and location. Most tables are the same as those found in real casinos while others are especially designed and constructed by our own craftsmen to allow access to more awkward sites on upper floors or in basements. There are also some smaller tables available when floor space is limited.

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Blackjack Table
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Blackjack Table Equipment


We have the following options available all come complete with legs:-
  1. Full size Blackjack tables as used in real casinos. They have a total area spanning 6' 6" x 4' (208cm x 122cm) and come complete with cushion rail.
  2. Mobile full size blackjack tables are tables constructed on site from about a dozen pieces. Useful for locations where bringing in a one piece table is not possible.
  3. Small tables that are two piece and measure approximately 5' x 3' (150cm x 90cm) are useful if you are planning an event where there is limited space.
  4. If you prefer us to bring a large 7' x 5' cloth to put over your own table then we can also do this. Especially useful for venues where access is extremely limited.

Playing Cards

6 decks of quality plastic cards.

Card Shoe

A card shoe is essential to dispense the playing 6 decks of cards professionally as you would expect from a real casino.

Cut Card

It's only a small piece of brightly coloured plastic sized like a card and used to indicate when the shoe needs to be reloaded with all the shuffled cards which is done after the current hand has been played out.

Discard Holder

No table should be without a proper discard shoe to collect the used playing cards tidily ready for the next shuffle and shoe loading. Please click here to return to the top of the page