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You will be provided with the best possible tables to suit your venues style and location. Most fun casino craps tables are mini versions of what you might find in a real casino because a real full size table can be over 12 foot long and that is often impractical for most venues we entertain.

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Craps Equipment
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Craps Table
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Craps Table Equipment


Our tables are approximately 6' x 3' (180 x 90cm) and can be operated by one croupier who is able to talk to everyone around the table and teach those wishing to learn the intricacies of this game or just let those less interested throw the dice against the rubber pyramid rails at each end of the table.


You can choose from a selection of 5 real precision dice square cut translucent red just like those you'd be offered in a real casino and often see in television and film casino dice scenes.

Dice Boat

This is a small wooden tray that looks after the dice not being used by the current 'shooter'.

Rattan Stick

A delicate wooden stick used by the stickman to elegantly move the dice to the 'shooter' after each throw.

On / Off Puck

Basically a three inch disc used to indicate the current status of the game.

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